in the woods

Why is it that the kind of harmony found in nature is hard to achieve among humans? Would it be so difficult to be at peace like the tree is to the flower, the sky to the grass, the sun to the earth? Would it take much effort to stop arguing and just listen to the sound of silence? Would it be inconceivable to end senseless violence and practice kindness? I don’t know the answers, but all I can do is spread a seed and hope that it blooms into awareness.

© 2016 magicofwords


On Being [an Introvert]

I enjoy quiet. Solitude. Silence.

Sometimes there is too much noise in the world. Too much information on social media.

I would rather spend quality time with a few true friends than a waste of time with hundreds of fake ones.

I like connections that are deeper in meaning and not superficial.

I give. Sometimes I don’t receive back. But that’s OK. There is a reward in the giving itself.

Sometimes it’s lonely but the bittersweet kind.

A place to grow. A place for introspection. For self-acceptance.

Sometimes it’s good to just be

[an introvert]

© 2016 magicofwords