holding on

We live in uncertain times

when every day

becomes more precious–

a sunrise

takes on a higher meaning

your smile

is something to be cherished

ever so more–

and I hold onto

the simple things

never taking for granted

what love can do–

how it surpasses hate

every time I look

into the eyes of humanity

and see the same

longing for peace

© 2017 magicofwords

one more

there is always time

for one more …

one more sunrise

the brightest of smiles

a kind word

a kiss under the stars

the bluest of skies

a hug

a flower in bloom

the best of what can be

… and one more poem

© 2017 magicofwords

Note to readers: thank you for your support and kind comments on my daily poems in April. It’s been a most rewarding challenge. I look forward to writing one more and more again.