A Wild & Mild Winter


It’s been too quiet around here

no snow until today

a winter so mild, it makes me wonder

what is in store ahead.

The peace found in nature

unparalleled with a wild, wild world

where uncertainty has set in

on the political scene.

So much unrest

yet these pine trees

outside my window

seem unscathed, at least for now.

But if we stop caring about the environment

what will all the money in the world do

we can’t buy clean water, blue skies, and oxygen.

While the rich get richer

children and the elderly go hungry

and vanity is more valued than the arts.

Will we forget about health and science, too

all in the name of greed.

© 2017 magicofwords

Words Matter

I am Woman

beauty and intellect-

I’m not an object.

Look into my eyes

and see everything

I carry.

I’m a mother

a daughter, a sister

I’ve come a long way.

I’m a fighter, a survivor.

When you try to reduce me

to your narrow view

of humanity-

When you try to seduce me

with unwelcome advances-

When you try to abuse me

with words that cut

like a knife-

I will still rise.

I will still rise

above it all.

© 2016 magicofwords

Autumn Sky


remember that day in October

colored in fuchsia and chiffon

adorned with satin ribbons

dreams, uncurled and set free


dressed in roses and intricate

lace, pearls of love beaded

in my hair, my brown eyes

deeper than the earth


remember that day in October

as I fell from the sky into

your arms, standing by

you, on nature’s altar


vows woven into silk

to have and to hold-

never look backward

always catch me if I fall

© 2016 magicofwords

bouquet of love

fresh cut flowers

from her own garden-

seeds once scattered

to the wind

landing randomly on rich soil-

her toil and nature’s magic

combined, transformed

into the brightest of blooms

through rain and sunshine-

and as she parts with them

she gives a bit of herself

adorned in a burst of color

texture, scent and softness-

as if pieces of her heart

are in each petal-

as if pieces of her soul

are in each stem

sustaining beauty

fleeting as it may be-

yet in the giving

there is receiving

© 2016 magicofwords