table for 2


It rained.

But the view from the window was pretty–an iris garden in indigo blues and yellows. The trees were still lit up in sparkling lights.

Inside, it was cozy–soft music played in the background. Candlelight and a petite floral centerpiece added to the romantic ambiance.

He reached out across the table to hold her hand. She smiled. It was their first date.

And the last.

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Party of One


She didn’t mind eating alone at restaurants.

But the way people stared at her was unkind. She could hear them whispering: what a loser, no date, not even a friend to join her?

And the snobbing tone of the hostess asking: just one? Not to mention the look on the waiter’s face, as if he pitied her.

But no matter, she would make herself comfortable, order whatever she liked, and enjoy every bite.

Assuming the food was good. Otherwise, the next day her restaurant review in the paper would not mince words.


© 2018 magicofwords