I wonder what she thinks about. Those piercing eyes tell me something I don’t know.

She’s clever.

She senses the world has changed, but she finds common ground. A constant in the midst of uncertainty.

Something to lean on.

Her ears perk up to the sound of silence. It’s too quiet even for her. But peaceful at last.

An introvert’s dream.


© 2020 magicofwords

The North Star

You looked up at the sky

on this dark, dark night

and pointed to what

resembled the North Star.

I rose from my chair

where I had been sitting

idlenessly, listening to

the neverending news.

Statistics, models

projections, and numbers

too countless to fathom

or even remember.

I saw how bright it was

giving me hope

that there is light

in the distant horizon.


© 2020 magicofwords