no time to fly


It was an uneventful winter until the world went topsy turvy. And now her suitcases have been collecting dust. They are like vintage items in an antique shop.

Borders have become walls of another kind. She feels confined, perplexed, all the while telling herself “this too shall pass.”

And when that time comes, she will break free. Suitcase in hand. To reach unknown destinations–outside of her own imagination.

© 2020 magicofwords

dining in


Suddenly restaurant decor became a piece of art to be appreciated from one’s imagination. Or from black and white photographs as if it was a thing of the past.

We were faced with the conundrum of what to make for dinner every single night. And would there be enough nonperishable items stocked up in the pantry?

All the while hoping that one day in the not too distant future dining out would be back like retro. When we no longer have to worry about social distancing.

Or learn how to boil water.


© 2020 magicofwords

out of stock

we live in strange times–

too surreal for words

when basic necessities

are rare commodities–

can’t shake hands

must keep social distance

disinfect everything–

city streets are deserted

from one country

to another–

it’s closed

suspended, postponed

sold out–

hoping against hope


won’t soon be out of stock


© 2020 magicofwords