Leap of Faith

I didn’t realize it was February 29 until I looked at the calendar.

In these uncertain times, when the world is in disarray, fear runs rampant, and we are bombarded with bad news on a daily basis, maybe it’s time to take a leap of faith.

Do something extraordinary today–after all, it only happens every 4 years.


© 2020 magicofwords

narrow streets


It was there they met–on this narrow street–between light and shadows and daydreams.

What could be around the corner–was yet to be seen–perhaps forever, perhaps just a few hours.

Maybe it was fate–or complete randomness–depends on perspective and whether they’re jaded.

But they kept on walking–until they disappeared into the crowd–a match made in heaven or a figment of their imagination.


© 2020 magicofwords

before midnight

Sometimes I wonder what it’s all about. This life of ours full of mystery and uncertainty.

So much to see, to feel, to experience. Yet the missed opportunities.

The anticipation.

It’s that first kiss. And that last kiss. The joy and the tears. It’s the mundane and the sublime.

The rut.

It’s everything you want to remember. And everything you want to forget.

I know because I’ve been there. In between a paradox. Trying to figure out what to do next.


Or do nothing at all. Let it unfold as it should be. Before midnight.


© 2020 magicofwords