soul searching


As summer winds down, I wander through city streets looking for something to hold onto–not material but intangible.

One shop after another screams for attention, but I’m not interested in what’s considered fashionable.

I become weary of the crowd and unbearable heat, the noise and traffic.

I’m not a city girl, I tell myself, though I sometimes like to pretend I am.

When all I really want is a quiet space somewhere in the innermost corner of the universe.

© 2018 magicofwords

table for 2


It rained.

But the view from the window was pretty–an iris garden in indigo blues and yellows. The trees were still lit up in sparkling lights.

Inside, it was cozy–soft music played in the background. Candlelight and a petite floral centerpiece added to the romantic ambiance.

He reached out across the table to hold her hand. She smiled. It was their first date.

And the last.

© 2018 magicofwords