on the eve


do you still dream

of cozy nights by the fire

love everlasting

peace and goodwill on earth

or am I too old-fashioned


to think the sun

can still shine

in the midst

of the coldest winter

if anything

at least in our hearts

© 2017 magicofwords

28 thoughts on “on the eve

  1. If you are, I am old fashioned and idealistic too, and am comfortable with that.
    99.9% of my life, the sun shines from within and long may it do so. (The remaining .1% makes me human!)
    Love your words!
    Happy 2018!
    Anna :o]

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  2. No you are not too old fashioned 🙂 I too am the same and believe the sun can “shine in the midst of the coldest winter.” Beautifully rendered. Wishing you love and peace in 2018!❤️


  3. Hi, greetings from the equator, but it’s not sunny over here, the skies are downcast and it has been raining on the eve and through the new year.
    i think it’s still okay to be old-fashioned and idealistic, at least we believe in ourselves and what we stand for. i loved the photo. it’s stark, but maybe that describes last year very well.

    have a very blessed 2018! be happy and safe. 🙂

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