too much hate, not enough love

I’m tired of being greeted

by death at the door-

can’t listen to

the news anymore


don’t want to be


of walking down the street

and being shot randomly

just because

you had a bad day


can’t you see

there is no difference

between you and me


I have a heart just like you

I have dreams just like you

and my heart has been broken too

and my dreams have been crushed too


I’ve been burned baby

but I keep rising

from the ashes

I keep going

no one can kill my spirit


but I’m tired of being greeted

by death at the door-

can’t listen to

the news anymore


© 2016 magicofwords

The Places She Had Been

and the things she had seen, resurfaced

while driving by the town she used to live in-

the small apartment on a busy street,

and the dreams that died inside


the old stationery store

and all those sappy greeting cards

given away with love,

exchanged for lies


so many memories flooded her mind

like flashbacks before dying,

and she quickly got on the freeway

so she could breathe again


so she could go back

to the new life she had rebuilt-

despite the places she had been

despite the things she had seen


© 2016 magicofwords




I don’t know if it’s thunder
or fireworks,
or maybe it’s your heart beating,
I don’t know if it’s lightning
or sparks,
or maybe it’s raining,
and the sky is falling.

© 2016 magicofwords

in the woods

Why is it that the kind of harmony found in nature is hard to achieve among humans? Would it be so difficult to be at peace like the tree is to the flower, the sky to the grass, the sun to the earth? Would it take much effort to stop arguing and just listen to the sound of silence? Would it be inconceivable to end senseless violence and practice kindness? I don’t know the answers, but all I can do is spread a seed and hope that it blooms into awareness.

© 2016 magicofwords