On Gardening and Creativity

After a long day at work, I couldn’t wait to come home tonight to do some container gardening. It’s such a relaxing and creative way to add color and fragrance to an outdoor space. My favorite planters are made of terracotta–such a beautiful earthy color that shows off all kinds of flowers, herbs or vegetables.

I used a rectangular planter for pink begonias and silver sage placed in two neat little rows. Once they grow taller, the two together will look so pretty. In another round container, I planted pansies in a myriad of contrasting cool and warm colors from indigo blue to yellow orange, which look like a rainbow on my deck. Next, I put red geraniums in the same planter with yellow calibrachoa, such a lovely combination of color and texture.

Being of Italian descent, I grew up loving the scents and flavors of basilparsley, and tomatoes. Recently, I found a delicious variety of patio tomatoes that I planted next to basil and Italian flat parsley. These are right outside my kitchen door for easy reach when I need them for salads and garnish. So good!

It feels great to see such beauty in my back yard, and container gardening is a wonderful outlet for creativity. Let’s see if you can picture the colorful and fragrant gardening creations on my deck, a feast for all the senses. Can you?

© 2016 magicofwords

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