Looking Up

looking up

Perhaps the sky was exceptionally blue on that particular morning, reflecting the color of your eyes, or the sun was shining through the trees at just the right angle, illuminating your face–not sure what you were looking at or thinking about–but there you were, framed perfectly between those tall oaks, and you hadn’t changed a bit since the first day I met you.

© 2016 magicofwords

Spine Poetry*

spine poetry

dream work:

a poem traveled down my arm-

the wellspring …

what more?

love poems,

22 and 50 poems

on love and barley,

songs of innocence and of experience-

the great fires,

a clear burning

under the Tuscan sun-

the wild olive tree,

olives & oranges:

the road not taken …

blue iris

*Spine poetry is a fun exercise. Gather some of your favorite books, stack them up and rearrange them to create a (somewhat coherent) poem from the titles. Take a picture and voilà–a new poem has emerged from the words that inspired you.

© 2016 magicofwords

Street Art

Mural in Harlem, New York City, as seen from the train’s window.

She reads an old-fashioned book, brimming with anticipation on how the story will unfold, page after page, chapter after chapter, absorbed in every detail. The world around her disappears as she finds herself deeper into the plot, losing herself in the characters. Trains go by day after day, high-rise buildings surround her, the hustle and bustle of the city perpetuates, but she is undisturbed. She sits still in her thoughts, her face lit up with contentment, even her eyes are smiling. It’s as if she already knows the ending.

© 2016 magicofwords

On Gardening and Creativity

After a long day at work, I couldn’t wait to come home tonight to do some container gardening. It’s such a relaxing and creative way to add color and fragrance to an outdoor space. My favorite planters are made of terracotta–such a beautiful earthy color that shows off all kinds of flowers, herbs or vegetables.

I used a rectangular planter for pink begonias and silver sage placed in two neat little rows. Once they grow taller, the two together will look so pretty. In another round container, I planted pansies in a myriad of contrasting cool and warm colors from indigo blue to yellow orange, which look like a rainbow on my deck. Next, I put red geraniums in the same planter with yellow calibrachoa, such a lovely combination of color and texture.

Being of Italian descent, I grew up loving the scents and flavors of basilparsley, and tomatoes. Recently, I found a delicious variety of patio tomatoes that I planted next to basil and Italian flat parsley. These are right outside my kitchen door for easy reach when I need them for salads and garnish. So good!

It feels great to see such beauty in my back yard, and container gardening is a wonderful outlet for creativity. Let’s see if you can picture the colorful and fragrant gardening creations on my deck, a feast for all the senses. Can you?

© 2016 magicofwords

On Being [an Introvert]

I enjoy quiet. Solitude. Silence.

Sometimes there is too much noise in the world. Too much information on social media.

I would rather spend quality time with a few true friends than a waste of time with hundreds of fake ones.

I like connections that are deeper in meaning and not superficial.

I give. Sometimes I don’t receive back. But that’s OK. There is a reward in the giving itself.

Sometimes it’s lonely but the bittersweet kind.

A place to grow. A place for introspection. For self-acceptance.

Sometimes it’s good to just be

[an introvert]

© 2016 magicofwords