Finding Your Muse


Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. Just look around. Or look within. Remember. Pause. Listen.

Most of my writing comes from personal experience (especially in hindsight). When an event first happens in our lives that affects us deeply, writing about it can be quite raw. After a while, hopefully it will metamorphosize into something beautiful like a butterfly.

She opened her wings and escaped the prison of her own doing. 

I have been inspired by lost love and found love. Nature is often my muse. I do believe there is a poem in every flower and in every tree. And as a New Yorker, how can I possibly resist writing about my multifaceted city.

You see, poetry runs through my veins and beats to my heart rhythm. My words spill onto the page like welcome rain.

Sometimes ideas come from the unexpected or when stepping out of the comfort zone. It’s easier to write about what’s familiar to us, but to tap into other areas, to see things from another perspective–that’s when powerful writing can really emerge.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a minute. Someone who is forgotten or broken, for example.

Not everything I write is based on real life. Sometimes it’s just fictionalized or becomes an extended metaphor, a dream within a dream–the possibilities are endless. A single vision, word, taste, touch, sound can turn into sensory writing.

If I can feel it, I can write it.

And when all else fails, just close your eyes and imagine.

© 2016 magicofwords

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I will write a creative piece every day.

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