Finding an Audience

Do you ever wonder sometimes if anyone out there is really listening? Or are we writing for ourselves, to ourselves? For me, writing is soothing, cathartic, and therapeutic. So, yes, I do write for myself, first and foremost. But we also want to be heard, don’t we?

Creativity feeds the soul and creative people must create. To feel fulfilled. For me, if I’m not writing, I’m involved in some other creative activity, mainly the visual arts. But I think we feel connected most when we share our work and find a supportive community.

From my experience, most creative people seem to be introverts. Paradoxically, we long for connection while performing our best work in solitude. So how do you find a receptive audience? Lately, I have come to the conclusion that the right audience will find you.

© 2016 magicofwords


To celebrate National Poetry Month, I will write something creative every day.

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