Finding Your Own Voice


I have been blogging for about 5 years, but only in the last couple of months, I decided to start this new blog to try something different. Writing every day to celebrate National Poetry Month has been a good exercise to come up with new ideas to blog about.

And the fact that I’m only posting my black and white photography is new to me, as I have mostly published color images in the past. But as I would like writing to be the main focus here, I think color pictures would be too distracting. Let’s see if I can get you to read my words on their own value. And if you like the picture, that’s a little bonus.

As a writer, it’s important to find your own voice. There is so much to read on the internet that it’s sometimes difficult to stand out and be original. It’s also tempting to write about what’s “popular,” rather than writing about what’s important to you.

We seek validation for what we do in our personal and professional life and for our creative efforts. This human need for validation sometimes steers us away from what we really want to do or say. Perhaps there is a fear of judgment or not being “liked.”

But I think to succeed in anything we do, we should be true to ourselves. When we find our own voice, it’s what makes us unique. Chances are when you write about what interests you, you will find and connect with people who have the same interests and values.

Whenever I finish a new creative piece, I ask myself, do I like it? If I’m happy with it, if it’s authentic to what I believe and feel, that’s what really counts to me. And if it reaches and touches someone, that’s all the better. After all, as writers, we want to be read.

© 2016 magicofwords

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I will write a creative piece every day.

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