On Storms & Love Notes

It was a dark and stormy night.*


As a writer, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid language that’s overly sentimental, flowery, and full of unnecessary adjectives. It’s also hard to avoid clichés.

I’ve been guilty of writing “tortured” love poems more than warranted. How many times can someone write of a broken heart until it’s probably beyond repair? Or the sappy love poems. (I now reserve the sappiness as sticky love notes on the fridge for my husband.)

Or writing that’s overly negative or overly positive (Debbie Downer versus Pollyanna). Life has many shades of gray in between light and dark, and good writing should reflect that “grayness” to be authentic.

I like the type of writing that’s lean, concise, sharp and to the point. Thoughtful, meaningful, informative. Poetic. That’s a lot of adjectives, I know.

Good writing also breaks all the rules.

© 2016 magicofwords

*Famous phrase from the novel, Paul Clifford.

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I will write a creative piece every day.

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