Black & White

Why do I like black & white photography? Don’t get me wrong. Color photography can be beautiful. But, as a writer, I find black & white photography to have a certain moodiness and mystique that appeal to me. Too much color can be distracting, but in black & white you can focus on texture, patterns, and shapes.


Take a look at this photograph I took of the Chrysler Building in New York City, for example. This is actually a reflection of the building in a glass skyscraper across from it. The reflection became distorted creating abstract geometric patterns. With black & white photography, you can also play with light and shadows which create contrast and make the images more dramatic.

I’m a writer at heart, first and foremost, but photography is often an inspiration for creativity. What does this image convey to me, metaphorically? Perhaps reflections are based on one’s own unique perspective. Sometimes reality can become distorted through one’s own lens. Or it can just become more interesting.

© 2016 magicofwords

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I will write a creative piece a day.

2 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. I smile as I read this, because I could have written it myself, and I am surely not a writer! 🙂
    I too, feel that black and white simply conveys a story in a “better” way. Of course it is just an opinion that I am sure can be argued endlessly, but for me, I see “stories” in black and white.

    Happy Sunday to you, my friend.

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