The Day After Easter

It rained. On new beginnings. So they may flourish into beautiful things. A certain peace was felt from within. The fragrance of an Easter lily lingered in the air. A few colored eggs remained in a basket on the kitchen table. Along with sweet memories of laughter and chocolate bunnies. And it seemed as if life was renewed once again. It was possible to start over–to have a second chance. To resurrect lost dreams.

© 2016 magicofwords

On Loss

When we lose something precious to us or someone we love, we fear it may happen again, and inevitably, it does. Life is full of loss, but it’s also full of hope and possibilities to experience and create something new and to love again.

When we focus on what we have, what is truly important, our hearts fill with gratitude. We even begin to feel grateful that we were blessed at one time with the things and people we miss. They made our days richer and more meaningful and were in our life for a reason, even if just for a season. Beautiful memories live on in our hearts.

And we move forward with acceptance and renewed hope.

© 2016 magicofwords

Train Ride

In the Winter months, the view from the train’s window could be quite bleak. Bare trees lined up on the horizon against a gray blue sky. But this particular night, the sunset turned the sky shades of pink and purple. She could see city lights in the distance as the train stopped at one station after another.

It was getting darker and darker. She was growing tired after a busy day at work and long commute. She thought about dinner and what movie she would watch tonight. Soon she would be home.

And then it happened. The train screeched and came to a sudden halt. There was a loud banging noise as if the train had hit something with a powerful force, followed by an explosion.

She screamed.

© 2016 magicofwords